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Treat clean, dry and level surface with a primer. For gypsum surfaces, use a double coat of the primer. Level the wall by installing a straight strip at its bottom. The ambient temperature during installation should be between 5 ° C and 25 ° C. Before bonding the stone, make sure that tile has no visible defects, and then use a rice brush to clean the stone surfaces to which you will apply the adhesive. When laying stone for outdoor use, remember that the load on the panels is transferred to the substrate. The fences or walls where you place the stone should be isolated horizontally from the foundations.



For bonding, depending on the type of stone, use the correct Stone Master adhesive, applying it to the tile using a trowel. If necessary, sand the edge of the stone, removing irregularities. Concrete tiles can be easily cut with an angle grinder with a stone cutting disc, and the gypsum tiles with a hand saw for cutting wood. When applying the adhesive to the stone panel, press it evenly against the substrate.
As most of our products reflect naturally occurring minerals, and their method of production is largely based on manual molding and the use of natural ingredients, the variance of shades of individual collections is a normal phenomenon. To maintain the desired appearance of the surface, we recommend mixing components from different packages during installation.


Depending on the type of stone, install it jointless or maintaining joints. Start jointing after the adhesive has dried thoroughly, using a clinker jig. When the joint has slightly thickened, smooth it out with a flat tool. Remnants of the mass which settle at the edges of the stone can be removed with a rice brush, after the joint has dried completely.



Upon completion of the assembly and/or jointing, protect the surface of the stone with a suitable Stone Master impregnant for gypsum or concrete products. Impregnant makes it easy to keep the stone clean and prevents possible appearance of efflorescence.

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