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Solution for everybody?

The selection of decorative stone, due to the multitude of design alternatives, can be a real headache. The function provided by this type of facing is mainly seen in such details as powerful surface structure, definite colours and faithful reproduction of imitated material. By deciding to invite the stone into our house, we have almost a 100% certainty that no visitor will pass by indifferently, and even the household members will enjoy its appearance for many years.

At this point, we might want to point out general advice about interior decoration, but just as every room requires separate finish, a different set of tips can be prepared for each collection. So what should we do? You might need to be aware of what you are really looking for – do you want to get stimulated with a strong accent welcoming you in the hall after returning from work, or rather prefer to invest in bricks motif located discreetly in kitchen between cupboards, where we can quietly sit with a cup of coffee and recall the moments of childhood spent in the old-style housing. Here are some tips to dispel some doubts, if you decide to select one, special collection from this catalogue.

In the stone cutter nomenclature, there is a concept of traditional stone – the pattern imitates rock: cut, chipped, broken, or simply weathered. It always looks intriguing, but it will bring real satisfaction especially to those who decide to give the interior a clearly defined character – it is not something for people who are hesitant or seeking solutions on trial and error basis. Such bold accent can redefine the look of the room and give the right character to the space, but you need to be aware that it will steal unnoticeably the whole show from the rest of the elements.

The safer choice is brick pattern: white, red, graphite, in sandy tonal transitions, in stained city center colors, sooty from the smoke of the garden barbecue. The bricks are unmistakable – we want to show the rawness, display the building material, consciously choosing to invite an ambiance that is more appropriate to the industry than the cozy home. Will it disturb the comfortable atmosphere of our home? Absolutely not! After all, it is people and their ingenuity who give the interiors their unique character, complete with all the thoughtfully added decorations. Then in such case will people with a strong, determined character like bricks? Definitely yes! The bricks are often chosen directly from the visualization when the viewer says: “I want to have a room exactly like this!” And like in the case described above, the stone will play a supporting role here, but with a prospect for the coveted first award.

After natural and post-industrial forms, it is time for modern forms. Modern in the meaning of futuristic. Mathematics, order, perfection. Geometry. Food for our perfectionism and the need to be fulfilled, planned in the minutest detail. Stone with a shape strongly subordinated to idea, arranged in squares, hemispheres, diamonds and hexagons. Not yet as warmly welcomed, as one might expect, which somehow confirms the thesis that its time is yet to come. If you want to be not only trendy, but ahead of everybody, focus your attention on it now. However, be careful, because not every interior and its inhabitants are ready for such solutions, and in many cases only the involvement of an interior designer can guarantee our success.

Metamorphosis of decorative stone forms is constantly ongoing, as evidenced by new technologies harnessed to their manufacture and the resulting effects in the form of innovative products, proudly presented at the biggest fair events. Manufacturers present an extremely wide range of catalog offers, so customers have an extremely wide cross section to choose from. Both lovers of sunny ambiance straight from the seaside town and amateurs of industrial climates will find inspiration for themselves. Remember however to choose the pattern that will look right in combination with the rest of the furnishings – and above all, in accordance with our own sense of taste. Decorative stone is a tempting spice, but the dish will taste delicious only if we add just as much of it as it is needed.

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