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Gray, silver, graphite, anthracite…

Fashionable stone grays and their favorite company


Tones of gray are real rage in modern design. Seemingly these are very monotonous colours, but the grayscale range is a rich palette of shades: from dusty white through pigeon violet, smoky steel, to anthracite shading into black. Gray tones, thanks to their neutrality, relax our senses. They are also perfectly compatible with other colours, both warm and cold.

They harmonize with matte and glossy surfaces, which makes them an excellent base for interior design arrangement in a variety of styles. Gray shades occur almost everywhere in nature, they are present in all elements: in earth colours, ashes, gray mists, expanses of water and depths. And, of course, in rocks and stones.

Stones and rocks. All of them – smooth or with jagged, raw edges, in solid colour, shaded or with clearly visible veins of metal ores – look natural and eye catching. That’s why natural stones have become an inspiration for creating modern, functional wall cladding for indoor and outdoor use.


Stone greys in rooms

The use of stone prevents monotony. Each stone has its own three-dimensional structure which dynamizes the interior design. Depending on the vision of the designer, it can be a neutral background for stronger accents (colors, furniture, decorative details or furnishings) or play the main decorative role. All stones – smooth and those with jagged, raw edges, in solid colour, shaded or with visible veins of metal ores – look natural and attract our attention.

Gray eminence in small and large spaces

Although most decorative stones look better on large surfaces and in big spaces, you can create interesting arrangements of stone even in small apartments. It is important to make sure that colour and structure do not overwhelm the interior, but rather emphasize its strengths. On the other hand, when we have a large amount of space available, it is better to introduce one strong accent. The large surface of walls well-exposed to sunlight favors covering it with facing with a distinct structure.

Idyllic and elegant


Amateurs of idyllic, suburban climates can choose stone shaped like smooth river pebbles, with their characteristic mixture of warm and cool gray tones. The gentle shape of stones, smoothed over the years by the water, is exceptionally calming, and yet it can be the most appealing element. This stone does not clash with classic, heavy upholstered furniture and patterns.

Grays – both indoors, as well as on façades or elements of small architecture – are extremely elegant and very “plastic”. They make it possible to arrange space in a variety of styles. Grays go well with saturated and subdued colours. Their neutrality beautifully highlights shapes and texture of furniture or ornaments. This proves that gray stones, with their structure, may also be the focus of attention.

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