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Interior with character

Modern houses interiors are more and more often finished with large, single-colour surfaces. The intention is to create an impression of an optical enlargement of a room or, on the contrary, to close it within a single coherent convention. Such minimalism is a real challenge for the designer, because this style – like no other – is sensitive to the proportions of the used decoration. This is why many people look for ready-to-go solutions that will come to the heart of the idea and bring out the best features of arrangement both as a whole and in detail.

Loft Brick Sahara

The universal method to break the domination of one motive over the whole is to use a bold accent to give the interior the proper character. The ideal solution is the use of decorative stone, which has two advantages: it is structured and can be multicolored. Thanks to the subtle shading, emphasizing the three-dimensional effect of the surface, you can be sure that this element will be immediately noticed by every guest of the house.

Add colourful, tonal transitions and reasonable surface management and you get a ready recipe for keeping the balance between maintaining the consistency within a chosen style and the effect of Wow!

Sahara Loft Brick is an ideal choice for all interiors looking for their own identity – interiors that have some idea for space arrangement but lack one distinctive feature. Introducing brick guarantees revitalization of the interior layout and gives its whole a distinct character.

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