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Wall Brick Gray

Struggling with choices about how to equip our apartment, we wonder which style will be closest to our liking. The number of ready-made solutions can give you a headache, but only few of them correspond to our inner sense of aesthetics. In addition, in the age of highly personalized approach to the management of space in which we spend most of our time, the natural desire is to reflect our character in it. It’s a bit like listening to your favorite music – we’d love it to be with us all the time, so when going out we have the habit of putting on earphones even before we leave our home.

Decorative stone is a great suggestion for those who search for strong accent in their apartment and do not want to compromise. Decision to purchase this type of facing guarantees to strengthen the arrangement message of the interior and give it a specific dimension. Clearly defined structure and strong colour define the character of the room very quickly, even with the use of small amount of material. Unlike plasters, paints, or even ceramic tiles, the stone highlights its presence very clearly – its task is not to create a background for the rest of the equipment, but to come to the fore.

Loft Brick Sahara

Rocky hall, brick living room, or perhaps a geometric bedroom? The range of designs is broad enough to match your taste – from the traditional stone motifs which bring to mind the sunny Mediterranean, through austere loft arrangements to minimalistic forms based on geometric patterns. One thing is sure – deciding to use decorative stone in our house we always get the expected effect. Such strong accent allows us to arrange the space around us according to our tastes without any compromises.

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