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White brick career.

On effects of white color, brick body and texture


Purposely exposed facade brick is making a spectacular career recently. Promoted by mixing of stylistic conventions and arrangement mishmash which goes hand in hand with this type of design. A special role in the current brick fashion plays it’s white variety .

No brick is the same

White is neutral and timeless. It allows to emphasize all colours and shapes. It does not diminish light – on the contrary, it concentrates light in interiors and on facades, giving the impression of spaciousness, luminosity, purity and elegance. White is a perfect background, unassuming, friendly to people and animals. Depending on the size of individual bricks, their texture, porosity of the surface, degree of edge, thickness and boldness of the joint – white brick can provide a variety of arrangement effects. Every detail is important for the final visual effect and the character of the interior.


White brick in lofts

Brick reigns in lofts. Its rawness, matt surface and clear porosity perfectly blend with the industrial urban climate. Bricks shows all their beauty on the loft’s high walls, while giving a distinct look to the rooms. Daily light coming through the windows without curtains and the sharp glow of unshaded light bulbs bring out all the chiaroscuro effects. After all – it’s all about light and structure that makes them the basic arrangers of loft interiors.

In harmony with the Scandinavian spirit

Scandinavian style arrangements are dominated by white colour. It is usually accompanied by the natural colour of wood (especially lightly coloured species or deliberately whitened wood), neutral light gray and the whole range of earth colours: brown and green. Wall cladding in the form of white bricks prevents boredom where empty white surfaces lack dynamics and boldness. Brick catches the eye and beautifully combines with functional Scandinavian furniture and accessories; it can easily be the focus of these interiors. Brick cladding does not have to represent only traditional bricks. The field for designers is open and technology favors experiments. The fashionable trend of combining styles has produced, among others, interesting collections of bricks with the structure of natural stone.

Minimum of color, maximum effect


White – as previously mentioned – does not have to be monotonous at all. If we give it a structure and regular brick rhythm, it can play a central role in the interior, which reduces its weight, giving in return the impression of lightness. Rectangular shape and regular rhythm give the rooms a sense of clarity without overwhelming them at the same time. Moreover, the neutral colour focusing the light adds the impression of space to the interiors, making the stone-covered walls the perfect background to expose furniture or objects with strong colours. White brick is universal enough to allow for successful use in spaces with different styles, while emphasizing the character of the place.

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