Passion of youthful creativity and the modern design, directed to those looking for new solutions. Is it possible for the world of design to develop original thigs, yet? We believe so – that is why from the position of a production company we came up with an initiative to cooperate with the academic community to work out unconventional ideas reflected in completely new release. The alternative to try old patterns in completely new form was too encouraging to dismiss.

In cooperation with the Career Office and Business Contacts of the Poznań University of Arts, Stone Master SA has announced a competition for students of the university who wish to face the challenge of addressing the broad themes of wall cladding design. The purpose of the competition is to create new decorative stone structures, in the most popular and practical material – gypsum. The submitted works will be judged by representatives of the University and Stone Master designers. We are waiting for applications until April 27.

We focus on originality – we want to see our product through the eyes of young people, perceiving the world in creative ways, full of hidden possibilities and surprising solutions. For us, it will be a great opportunity to look at the product from a completely different perspective. For the contestants – the opportunity to try their hand at a project whose results will find its place on the shelves of shops in Poland and abroad. We are already looking forward to the first entries, cheering all the participants and wishing them to win the first prize.

Good luck !