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Mesto Grafit


With its thousand ledges Mesto creates the impression of the feistiness and severity of nature. Taming it is quite a feat, but the taste of victory will be known only to those that do not fear to challenge it. A collection with great character that requires iron consistency in designing the surrounding space.

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Mesto Graphite

Due to the content presented on this page, we would like to mention that the pictures of tiles are illustrative, hence the actual appearance of the products may differ from the one presented on the page. Despite our efforts to present tiles close to their maximum representation in reality, both the characteristics of the printing technology and individual color perception can differentiate the product in terms of one shade of a given collection. In addition, the appearance of the stone is influenced by such features as: the type of lighting used, the presence of materials placed on the same or neighboring surfaces (global illumination effect), or - the most important of the above-mentioned - impregnating the tile with a product dedicated to a given product line. Impregnation will not only protect our stone from external factors, but also sharpen the colors of the stone and give them depth. The last point does not apply to tiles from the SUPREME LINE collection - impregnated at the production stage.