At the beginning of the summer the TVN channel started the program titled “Dream House”, the next project after the “Battle for the House” where the main prize is your own place to live. And not just any place! 10 pairs of participants are fighting for victory and living in a spacious, luxurious house of 315 m2.

The program is a treat for lovers of do-it-yourself ideas, since the house which is the main prize is built from the ground up by the participants. For 3 months – step by step – the heroes of the program will make every effort to convince the viewers gathered in front of tv sets, who during the live broadcast on the final day of the holiday will select the winning pair.

Stone Master SA joined the program as a sponsor who wants to encourage viewers to make their apartments more attractive with decorative stone. Three different collections have been selected for the promotion of this type of cladding, which will serve as the decoration of the exterior walls as well as inside the building. Each of them is characterized by a completely different interior style, showing the versatility of decorative stone – the differences are reflected in their design, size and color. Traditional perception of rock, futuristic form of geometry, or postindustrial affinity – each of the stone style will be able to show you its best features and will surely have an impact on the appearance of your home.

Partner of the Dream House program is the network of OBI construction shops – where you should direct your steps to see the stone with your own eyes. Stone Master’s complementary products, such as glues, primers and impregnating sealers, can also be purchased on site to make the assembly work extremely easy and fast.

Follow the competition on TVN channel every Saturday at 20:00 and on the website of the “Dream House” where we provide more fun facts related to the program.